Hyde Road - Fetch your Bag

From Create Your Own Story

The weather is only getting colder and even though it would mean once again facing the greasy man standing there you aren't too keen on the idea of having to come back down here later. You place your hand on the handrail conflicted, then turn around and head back toward the reception preparing yourself for the next verbal onslaught.

As you approach you are relieved to see the foul mans inappropriate attention seems to be focused elsewhere as he is looking out into the snow that is falling over the parking lot. You follow his gaze to see what has grabbed his attention. You see a figure walking through the snow heading for the building. It is coming from the direction of the petrol station.

You pause, watching, pulling your coat tightly round you, as you stand in the cold. Within moments you can make out the figure of a woman, clearly a hooker, far too little clothing for the current weather, her tacky animal print jacket hardly providing much insulation.

She walks up to the sleazy individual and begins talking to him. He hands her his cigarette and she takes a drag before flicking off the ash. It makes you feel less uneasy with his attention elsewhere. You take a few more steps toward the parking bays when you see another set of car lights coming into the parking lot, you can hear the tires crunching against the stones as it rolls in. The headlights are fairly high, a large car, the off road type in a dark grey. It pulls up next to yours and you can see a man sitting in the drivers seat.

The engine switches off and the front door of the car opens, the headlamps are still lighting up the area underneath the awning but it doesn't seem to be bothering the two standing there. The driver climbs out, he is a rather tall man with broad strong shoulders, wearing a dark blue over-coat, on his head is a broadly brimmed hat with a blue band around it and he has grey scarf wrapped around his neck. He glances into his car one last time before closing the door. The wind gusts strongly bringing with it a flurry of snow flakes that swirl around him and he grabs hold of his hat as he walks for the cover provided by the reception building.

There is something about this new stranger which seems familiar but you can't place it. A puff of smoke draws you attention back to the two others, the woman drops the cigarette to the floor and crushes it with the toe end of her high black boots. You continue towards your car, the wind, blowing more heavily now, blusters across your face flicking around a curly lock of hair that has escaped from under your scarf. You make a point of giving the harlot and her vulgar counterpart, who you strongly suspect is her pimp, a wide girth when you step off the walkway onto the gravel. The sound of your footsteps on the coarse gravel draws the attention of the recently arrived gentleman who stops and looks across in your direction. His hand still firmly holding his hat in place as the wind buffs him. You catch his gaze momentarily, looking into a deep set pair of eyes, hes has sharp striking features. Your heart races suddenly and you quickly look away darting behind your car. You quickly lift your handbag and start rummaging around inside it for your keys. You can feel your ears getting warm beneath your scarf, you are afraid to glance up again and see whether or not he is still looking in your direction. Finding the keys, the rear hatch of the car pops open and you reach inside to get at your things.

You place your hand on the handle of the bag, taking a moment to think. It all took you a bit but surprise, never have you felt something like that before, it was terrifying and exciting all in one moment. A part of you desperately wants to meet that person, but that can't be real. Can it?

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