Hyde Road - Check into room 102

From Create Your Own Story

You continue to watch her as see walks across the yard out into the snow on her way toward the motel. It has been years since you have had you hands on a woman's body, the only relief you have enjoyed during your prolonged stay in prison was with yourself and it didn't come wrapped in latex, fake fur and chiffon. The swirling snow flakes conceal her and you look back up at your car.

Jack is still standing there, waiting for you as he does. You press your hands deeper into your pockets and make you way back to your side of the car and climb back inside. You drum your fingers for a few moments on the steering wheel, you would like to think you should feel guilty about this, but you don't and you aren't sure whether or not that bothers you. Jack's not saying anything, that does bother you, he has a big smirk on his face and he's simply looking out of the window as the snow continues its relentless swirling. You know he likes this idea, and perhaps that's all that bothers you about this. You start the car and take the short trip to the neighboring plot, your cars wheels rolling noisily over the gravel that makes up the motel parking lot. There is an awning over the front entrance to the motel reception. Under it is standing the woman who lured you here, taking shelter and sharing a cigarette with a man, he has pimp written all over him.

There is one other car in the parking lot, a white three door hatch back. You park next to it. You switch off the engine, your high beams remain on lighting up the area under the awning, it's doesn't seem to bother the two standing there. The woman takes a drag from the cigarette and blows a puff smoke out toward the cars. The white cloud breaking up rapidly, soon to be lost amid the swirling flurry of flakes. Jack is still sitting there quietly, you open the door and the icy wind whistles into the car. You climb out and look at the bag at Jacks feet, you contemplate whether or not to bring it with you, after a moments pause you decide to leave it there.

The wind howls strongly and you instinctively raise your hand to secure your hat. Hurriedly you head for the shelter of the reception building, as you step up onto the verge the prostitute blows another cloud of smoke in your direction, you pause, you never cared much for cigarette smoke but it is only there momentarily before being whipped away into the wind. She drops the cigarette butt to the floor snubbing it underfoot suggestively. The swiveling action drawing attention to her thigh which you look at lustfully for a moment. It has been so long since you enjoyed feeling the softness of a woman's skin.

The sound of footsteps on the gravel to your side pulls you out of your brief fantasy. Your gaze shifts to the side and you spot the figure coming towards the cars in the snow, the distinctive green coat dress is instantly recognizable and your heart jumps into your throat at the realization that this is the woman from the cafe. She notices you and your eyes lock, at least it feels that way, it is like being in a vortex for that moment, the swirling snow is like a tunnel forming between the two of you. Then as quickly as it came it is gone again, stepping hurriedly behind the white car she hides her face. Her attention on the hand bag as she scratches around inside before pulling out some keys. The back door of the car opens hiding her from view.

Is this serendipitous second chance at a meeting more than just coincidence, you are not a superstitious person and you have little belief in fate, but there is something here you are finding hard to ignore. Jack walks out from under the awning and stands next you, you can sense his agitation at you standing here still.

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