Hurry to Miss Bittersweet's office.

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You hurry down the hall to Miss Bittersweet’s office.

You walk into the familiar office to see Miss Bittersweet standing next to a strange man in a wheel chair. They stop talking once they see you enter the room. You wonder sarcastically, just who they were be talking about.

Miss Bittersweet speaks first, “Fiona this is Professor Shreckt, he would like to speak with you.”

Professor Shreckt wheels toward you. He has a kind look on his face, but a bad comb over on his balding head and you never trust a bad comb over.

“Fiona, my name is Professor Shreckt. Miss Bittersweet here has informed me that you’re not like the other kids, you possess certain special abilities…”

You look at him suspiciously, not sure what he’s getting at. “Maybe…”

He chuckles. “Don’t be nervous. I’m something of a specialist in kids and young adults with special abilities such as yourself. They’re nothing to be ashamed of.”

You look at him warily, but you feel your guard come down a bit.

He continues. “Fiona, I know that your 18th birthday is coming up soon and then you will no longer be a ward of the state. I am prepared to offer you the chance to come to my special university to further your studies and learn about your condition. Not only do we offer a free ride to for a higher education, but we also offer specialized education for your special needs.”

He pauses for effect and then continues, “I believe you would find the environment quite accepting as you would meet others as unique as you. Don’t worry Fiona, you have a few choices; I am prepared to work something out with Miss Bittersweet here to adopt you and take you with me today, or you can wait until after your 18th birthday and come then. The choice is up to you.”

You mull over what Professor Shreckt has just said. This could be your ticket to get away from this hateful orphanage and his spiel about learning more about your “condition” piques your interest, but then you would be leaving Chad.

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:


MP 100
Level 1
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