Hurry out the door in front of you

From Create Your Own Story

You blindly walk out the door and up a staircase to another one. Exciting through that door, you get hit by a man who is running down the hall. You are about to fall over when the man grabs you. Maybe he just has really fast reflexes, but it seems almost as if he's expecting you to be there. "Help me!" he says, "They think I'm insane!"

"Really?" you reply, still confused, "I think I'm dead."

"Wha-" He pauses for a second, then continues, disregarding your last comment, "I need to get to Trann city."

"Never heard of it"

"You've never heard of the capital of the United States?!" he says, astonished, "Where am I?!"

"I don't know." you say, "I don't remember anything."

Should you...

trust the psycho

run from the psycho

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