Hurry back upstairs

From Create Your Own Story

You turn tail immediately head back to the stairwell. Panic wells inside your chest, hoping to escape from the intruder. You're halfway up when your body abruptly pulls itself downward. The intruder gripped onto on of your legs cut off your ascent.

You land your chin over your arm, blocking the impact onto your head. Before you could reel from the pain all over your body, the intruder takes your free arm and grips it tightly behind you. You instinctively try to pry off his grip with your other hand, but to no avail. He simply grips both of your hands behind you. The man is clearly stronger than you. Fear starts to cloud your mind. You fear what he might do to you next.

You turn your head around to take a look at the thief. Under his red bandana, sharp eyes filled with triumph look back at you. He see him stare at you with a wide grin. You shudder at the thought of what he has planned for you.

The thief reaches his free hand down his waist, unbuckling his belt and pulling against it. What do you do?

Kick your feet up against him!

Surrender to the intruder.

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