House Lannister: Hear Me Roar- Willem Lannister

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Willem Lannister

The son of Ser Kevan Lannister, you along with your brother, Willem Lannister, are cousins to the main Lannister branch ruling in Casterly Rock. Slightly younger than your brother, you are also shorter, with long blond hair that curls around your shoulders as well as blue eyes rather than the typical Lannister green. Captured alongside your brother Martyn, you are being held in Riverrun Castle with him and your cousin Tion Frey. During the Battle of Oxcross, you saw the Young Wolf, King Robb Stark, turn into a great beast before joining the battle. It was in this monstrous form that the rebel Lord descended on you and your fellow innocent squires. This was to have been, like the rest of the Lannister recruits at Oxcross, your first experience of battle, as well as some other 'experiences'.

Imprisoned in a tower cell, you and your in have heard rumors that some of the Stark Lords have suffered greatly in the war, with both of Lord Karstark's sons being captured by Lannister forces. The maids cleaning your tower have also claimed that the Lannister forces did much more to Stark men that just capture them, but you are sure these are just lies. No Southern knight would lack the honor to do such things to a young, helpless lordling, surely? The same cannot be said for these Northern Lords however, it has been said that some of them are planning vengeance against the Lannisters, with you and your brother being the only Lannisters in their grasp.

Even with the Stark guards stood outside your door, you aren't sure how well they'll be able to defend you if someone comes for you, or if they'll even try to stop your attackers at all. Suddenly, the footsteps appear outside your cell and the door swings open to reveal...

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