House Lannister: Hear Me Roar- Martyn Lannister

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Martyn Lannister

The son of Ser Kevan Lannister, you along with your brother, Willem Lannister, are cousins to the main Lannister branch ruling in Casterly Rock. A young man of 18 years, you have the Blond hair and Emerald eyes of the rest of your kin. A squire in the Lannister Army, you along with your brother and cousin, Tion Frey, were captured in the Battle of Oxcross. After this battle against Robb Stark, it was said the Young Wolf had transformed into a giant wolf during the night and devoured the flesh of his enemies when in reality it was his enemies that devoured his 'flesh'.

Since the battle, you and your kinsmen have been held in a tower cell of Riverrun, the seat of the rebel House Tully. Guarded day and night, the room is well furnished, as fitting your nobility, yet there is no freedom. Worse still, you have heard rumors that House Karstark is looking for revenge, after the capture and defilement of Harrion and Torrhen Karstark. For now, all you can do is wait, with the recent successes of the Northern Army, any hope of rescue is slipping away...

Sitting in the cell with your kin, the door suddenly opens to reveal;

Time Skip
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