House Lannister: Hear Me Roar- King Loren I Lannister

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Loren Lannister, first of his name, King of the Rock. Your rule has been challenged, invaders from across the sea have landed in the mouth of the Blackwater and declared their own kingdom. Led by the Valyrian, Aegon Targaryen, it is said that your enemy brings dragons into battle! Though your advisors claim that this is simply untrue, the Storm King Argilac Durrandon and his army are reported to have been defeated, while King Harren the Black's mighty fortress of Harrenhal is said to have been defiled with himself and his heirs inside.

Dragons or not, you realize that your forces alone are not enough to defeat the Targaryen threat, forcing you to make an alliance with Mern IX Gardener of the Reach. This attempt to stop Aegon and his sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya, has created the largest army in Westerosi history, the combined Lannister-Gardiner force being made up of over 55,000 fighting age men, with 5000 knights. You plan to save your kingdom from foreign penetration, by first meeting with King Mern IX at the castle of Goldengrove, before marching together on the Targaryen host.

Arriving at Goldengrove, the Gardener forces are nowhere to be found, with a raven arriving from the King claiming that his army is delayed, asking that you wait for a few days until the combined force can destroy the invaders. After setting up camp, you receive reports from your scouts that;

  • There is no sign of the Gardener Army it is clear that whatever 'help' Mern Gardener intends to bring will no be here in time to stop Aegon's Army. You must instead take your forces alone in order to face the Targaryens!
  • The Gardener Army has arrived, at last, your Army is now strong enough to defeat the invaders and force Aegon into submission!
  • A Dragon has appeared over the horizon! Meraxes, the great war-dragon of Rhaenys Targaryen has arrived alone, landing in a distant meadow and its rider is requesting an audience.
  • A Dragon has appeared over the horizon! Vhagar, the great war-dragon of Visenya Targaryen has arrived suddenly with an army. Visenya has landed her dragon in the middle of your camp and demands you appear before her.

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