House Forrester: Iron From Ice

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Rodrick Forrester awoke to the shaking of the body cart he sat in. His throat burned, his leg and armed felt as if they were being sawed off and he was just barely conscious. He looked around and saw the piles and piles of corpses on the cart, maggots crawled over them and buzzards circled overhead. He looked to the cart driver and trying to call out to him but no noise came out. Just then the driver spoke up, "Fucking Forrester's, why do they have to live so fucking far away." Rodrick paused and went wide eyed as everything came crashing back. The twins, King Robb, the betrayal, the sword that drove through his leg and the horse that fell on him breaking his arm and disfiguring the right side of his face. He quickly shifted his body to look around and his eyes stopped on the body laying next to him, it seemed very familiar. He reached his good arm out and slowly pulled it over and nearly threw up as he saw it was none other than his own father.

Rodrick quickly passed out again but awoke to the sounds of a gate opening, he looked around and saw that it was Ironrath. He overheard Ser Royland yelling to the driver to leave, knowing that this was his only chance he started to pull himself out of the cart. He hit the ground and Royland came running over to assit him. He was quickly taken to the maester and he once again awoke, this time during mid surgery, the maester forced him to drink milk of the poppy for pain and to put him back to sleep. The last images he saw what his mother and younger sister running in towards him. Nearly two days past as he slept, healing from his wounds and he finally awoke to the calming sound of his sister, Talia humming. He let out a little grunt and reached towards his nightstand for a cup of water but only knocked it onto the ground.

Talia let out a little gasp and turned around towards Rodrick, "Rodrick!" She exclaimed as she ran over towards him throwing her arms around him,

"Agh," He winced out causing her to jump back, "It's okay." He quickly said as he adjusted his arm before pulling her back into a hug, "It's good to see you Talia."

"I'm so glad you're alright, with Ethan and Father dead...I couldn't think of losing you too." She said as she nuzzled his neck,

Rodrick took a deep breath into her hair, smelling the sweetness. Talia had always been close to him, in fact she'd followed him around like a puppy dog whenever he was around. "It'll take more than the twins to take me down Talia." He said with a little chuckle,

"Mother and the others are in the great hall, they don't expect you but if you could make it it'd help, they are fighting more than anything else." She explained as she sat up,

Rodrick ran his eyes along her body, "You've really changed in the last few years Talia, I don't really recognize you."

"You look different too." Talia said with a little smile, "So, are you going to the hall?"

Rodrick Get's Up And Goes To The Meeting

He Wants Talia First

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