Hoboken Has Gone to Hell

From Create Your Own Story

Welcome to Hoboken, New Jersey! This city has gone to Hell, and it's your goal to live and thrive within it, or just find a way out.


First, you're going to need a dude or a dame.

Take your pick:

  • Hal Ford, a long-haired stoner who will embark on an epic quest to leave his mother's basement!
  • Steve Legras, a troubled Marine-turned-line cook!
  • Joe (coming soon-ish), a humble young man with a strong arm and a lot of heart! He's also a crazy bastard!
  • Eddy Mercier (coming eventually), a sketchy sanitation worker!
  • Laura, an accountant living with her husband and a couple of other women!
  • Alice, a wannabe Broadway actress who is in Hoboken because she can't afford Manhattan's rents!
  • Bob, an unemployed male stripper with a crack and heroin addiction, trying to score enough money for a train ride to the Coney Island methadone clinic!
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