Hetalia Days

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up pretty early and glance over at your alarm clock. -6.00am- You notice there is a folded note at the edge of your dresser.

Ugh! You close your eyes for about another 2 seconds but the alarm clock starts ringing off again in an annoying loud daze of chimes. You reach of to press the SNOOZE button only to find that you're alarm clock isn't in the place that you left it but has instead been further along your beside table: just out of arms reach, forcing you to actually get up in order to turn it off.

Which eventually you do. (That ringing is really getting on your nerves.)

It's then you seem the small slice of paper sitting on top of your alarm clock. Printed neatly on it is one word.


Argh! Your friend Germany must have snuck into your room again last night while you were asleep and changed your alarms. He's being doing this a lot lately, you've noticed. Trying to get you on some sort of sleep schedule or something...

WELL. you are definitely awake now. And not too happy about it either. (as you may have realised by now you are not exactly much of a morning person.)

You're eyes glance back to that folded piece of paper saw on your dresser earlier. It's a strange colour- sort of metallic looking- and definitely not something your remember putting there in the first place.

You pick it up only to find a message scrawled in a childish scribble that you can't quite make out at first (So, probably America).

It reads:

"Hey!___(insert your name here)______, Dude! We are having an allies meeting today but since I've basically already came up with a totally badass plan we probably won't need to discuss all that much. Therefore you are totally invited! Mkay, Dude. Cya there!"

You sigh. So you can either go to the meeting with the Allies (France, America, Britain, Russia, China and probably Canada as well) or join the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) for a training session... OR you could just be lazy and go to neither. (And stay home and sleep XD )

So what do you feel like doing today? :

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