Head toward the show

From Create Your Own Story

You start walking toward the circus tents. As you get closer, you can hear the sounds of people talking and cheering, the sound of animals and the music of rides. You can smell roasting peanuts, freshly cut hay, and the other usual smells of animals, food, grease and cooking oil.

You see a number of tents, trailers and other buildings that could be easily moved. But as you walk around, you see not a soul. No people, no children, no animals, no workers. The sound of laughing and running children whip around you, but you see nothing, feel nothing.

Slightly afraid now, you decide to be brave and look inside some of the tents.

Do you:

No staff, means free rides *Try the slide

Oh look, *Carousel's are your favorite.

It's getting cool, maybe *The costume house has something to wear.

Forget looking around, *you want peanuts

Screw this shit, you're scared *Hit the RESTART button

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