He truly desires Daenerys Targaryen

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Part 2: Moon of his Life

More than anything else, more than whores, than septas, then daughters, than even the fallen Queen, Drogo desired his wife, Daenerys. As he entered his room, he admired his wife's beautiful silver hair and delectable curves. When he walked in, the khaleesi was breast feeding their child, Rhaego, the stallion who will mount the world, now just a month old. Her breasts are the perfect shape, swelled a bit due to her milk, but still completely proportionate to her body. Her ass was amazing as well, two globes of pale flesh Drogo loved splitting with his cock.

When Daenerys saw her husband, she couldn't contain her joy. She didn't have time to greet him before he captured her lips in a needy kiss. Dany returned the affection, only separating to take care of her son.

"Moon of my life," Drogo greeted in Dothraki, "You look more beautiful than I remembered."

"Thank you, my sun and stars." the khaleesi replied in fluent Dothraki. She was still adjusting to the palace, having only taken it yesterday, and he could see the stress in her eyes. "The meeting went well today," she continued, rocking Rhaego as he sucked on her breast, "I settled all the land agreements and petty politics." While concurring the seven kingdoms, the Starks, the Tyrells, and the wildlings had all accepted defeat and joined his khalasar. The Tullys had been destroyed, and the Iron Islands posed no threat. Only the Dornish and the Vale still defied him. Not that Drogo ever dealt with such politics. His khaleesi was the real reason for these alliances.

"No more talk of meetings and politics," Drogo growled, waving his hand, "There are more important things." His eyes scanned her brown Dothraki dress, a basic peace of clothing that left little to the imagination.

Daenerys smiled, knowing what he meant. "I think Rhaego's done feeding for now," she called to her handmaiden, who had been standing in the corner. The short, sexy girl, a former whore named Shae, took the baby from her arms and carried him out of the room. Before she had closed the door, Drogo pounced on his wife, pulling her close and kissing her like he hadn't seen her in years. She kissed back, her hands roaming his muscled back. After a few minutes of making out, Daenerys broke the kiss, walking towards the bed.

"So, King of the Andals and the first men," Dany praised, undoing the straps of her dress. "Khal of the Great Grass Sea." She let the dress drop, revealing to the Khal her full, juicy ass. "Protector of the Realm." She turned around and sat on the bed. Her breasts were what every woman dreamed of, with no hints of sagging or any imperfections. Her stomach showed some post-pregnancy fat, but that only made her more beautiful in Drogo's eyes. "And my husband." She finished her seductive speech by spreading her legs, her pink pussy reminding the Khal why he invaded Westeros. He had already taken out his erect cock, and in a few seconds he climbed onto the bed and between her legs. Without another word he plunged in, sinking into her sex.

They never made love in doggystyle, reserving that for the more wild fucks. No, when they made love, Drogo and Daenerys looked each other in the eyes, moaning and calling the others name. As Drogo thrust into his wife, her sucked on her breasts, tasting her delicious milk. His dick was going balls deep at this point, his slow strokes alowing them both to enjoy themselves.

Turned on beyond belief, the khaleesi flipped her husband over, now riding his cock, slowly bouncing and gyrating. His dick explored every crevice of her sweet cunt, his mouth stimulating her very sensitive breasts. Drogo stopped sucking only to kiss his wife, their tingues battling in their mouths. He used his hands to squeeze her ass and speed her up, close to his climax. She was as well, forgetting her Dothraki and begging him to fuck her in Westerosi.

He remembered their first night, and how different their love was back then. She was something new, something exotic to fuck and impregnate. Now, she was a part of him, the moon of his life, not property but a lover. Drogo remembered sleeping with her under the stars, on the boat to Westeros, her dragons flying overhead, her moans mixing with the sounds of the ocean. He gazed into her eyes as he came, filling her womb with his cum. He pumped load after load into her, both husband and wife hoping the fertile seed impregnated her. Not long after, Daenerys climaxed, moaning into her husbands mouth and covering his cock with her juices.

Neither the Khal nor the khaleesi said a word for a while, both trying to catch their breath. "I love you, my sun and stars," Daenerys finally said, pressing herself against Drogo's well-toned stomach.

"I love you, moon of my life," Drogo replied, pulling her close, never wanting to let go. They stayed there for what felt like hours, enjoying the closeness.

"I have a surprise for you," Dany whispered into his ear. The new King raised an eyebrow, puzzled as to what more she could possibly give her. "And I think you're gonna like it."

Continued in Drogo's Harem

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