Harry Potter: New Adventures at Hogwarts

From Create Your Own Story

"What?!" you shout in pure disbelief, at the large man peering with dark-brown eyes into your soul. He hushes you with pleading eyes, and nodded quickly. To be fair, you always knew that you were special. You could do things you knew other children could not do. Casting, conjuring, illusions, whatever it was, no, what ever was demanded; you could do. But magic? It seemed absolutely absurd.

Sinking down to your bed, you let out a moan awash with feelings of anger and frustration.

"There are people," you say pausing with every syllable "like me?"

The man nodded once again. You grew up in an orphanage, with no magical contact. With no visitors for 11 years, the brown-eyed man understood your anger. He leaves you a list of items to collect for 'Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. For you, this would be the start of a new life.

Before this adventure properly starts we have some things to clear up!

So, are you male or female?

Male (Wizard)

Female (Witch)

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