Hammer Troi against the wall

From Create Your Own Story

You recover for another go round and are in the midst of hammering Troi against the wall when the com comes in. “Troi to bridge,” Captain Picard’s sexy man voice intones. It takes Troi a moment to respond, her head thrown back in ecstasy, her tits bouncing on your chest with each thrust, her hand furiously massaging her clit as you pump her tight ass full of your spunk. “Lieutenant Commander Troi, please report to the bridge.”

She fumbles for the com badge on her discarded uniform top with her free hand as her fingers finish the job between her thighs. You feel her ass hole tighten once more on your spent dick as she orgasms; clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing. “Unngh!”

“Deanna, are you okay?”

She must have tapped the badge a moment too soon, broadcasting her orgasm to the bridge. You bite your lip trying to stifle a laugh as she rests on you, streams of sweat pooling between the two of you, cooling your naked bodies.

“Uh, yes Captain… I’m fine,” she tries. “I’m just… on my way.”

“Captain, the counselor seems to have experienced an increase in body heat, rapid breathing, and huge release of endorphins…” you hear Data intone.

Deanna’s eyes widen and she taps her badge again before anyone else can say anything. “That’s fine Data… I’m fine. Troi out.”

“Oh, and Troi,” Captain Picard responds, his voice reflecting some the awkwardness of the situation, “Bring that Ensign Burrell with you, the young counselor you’ve been…uh, training.”

“Yes, Captain.” She taps the com off and looks at you. “Guess we’re needed on the bridge.”

Do you:

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