HFE- Female

From Create Your Own Story

Your mission is solo. No team no reinforcements. Your standard silenced magnum and smg are always by your side. You enter the pod bay you take the drop pod on the far left, just for luck. You step inside and sit down. A red buttons lights up. You puch that button and your pod slides on a rail over to the exit. Suppressed air steams out and you feel a sudden JERK you hold a picture of your sister and remember the good times. Clouds wizzed past you. The pod heats up to 120 degrees! Suddenly WHAM your on the ground. You grab your weapons and hit the open door button. You stand on a cliff your 50 kliks from your objective. You load your magnum and test the sights on your smg. Your ready to go.

HFE- Proceed.

HFE- Masturbate to the photo of your sister instead

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