Graduation Day

From Create Your Own Story

It seems like none of your friends live nearby anymore. David moved to England. Peter was last seen with the President around the same time David moved. Julian died in a car crash. But the body was never found…

Casey, your ex-girlfriend, went missing a year ago. This was a shame, because David moved away, and this was your shot at getting the girl. No one else took you seriously, though. Avery fled to Morocco. And Christian stole his parent’s car and made a run for it, and was last spotted on a newly discovered land mass in the Atlantic Ocean.

“Come on!” says Teddy. “We’ll miss the graduation!”

You’re about to graduate the eighth grade. You follow Teddy to the Auditorium.

The stage is set up for the graduating eighth-graders. Bad music is playing on the loud speakers. The only lyrics you pick up are “I’m all about that high-school, no middle-school”. Looks like the school is recycling the old PARCC song.

“Hey!” you hear somebody call. “It’s that dumb kid from the Tony Show!”

You feel your face get hot. Within seconds, you and the kid are sprawled on the floor in an all-out wrestling match.

“It’s ANTHONY!” you hear yourself below. “A-N-T-H-O-N-Y!”

A teacher stands over you. Whoops!

“He attacked me!” shouts the kid. “He’ll be lucky if I don’t sue him for assault!”

“But- but he called me Tony!” you cry.

After a brief trip to the principal’s office, you make it to the auditorium just as a man walks onstage. He has a funny-looking suit on. That’s when you realize he’s dressed up as a diploma.

“I’m Darrin the Diploma!” he says.

Nobody laughs.

“Are we ready to have fun at this graduation?” he asks.

All is silent.

You see Darrin the Diploma having an argument with the principal. You make out the words “Better than a banana suit”. Darrin mutters something and slinks away.

The principal walks onstage. “We have an announcement to make,” he says. “One of you will not be graduating and will be escorted out at once. That one of you is Anthony.”

Everyone stares at you. You feel your face get red again, this time with embarrassment. Teddy shoots you a sympathetic look.

“Whoops, had that upside down,” says the principal. “Ynohtna will not be graduating.”

You breathe a sigh of relief as you see a kid whose name you could never pronounce leave the building.

“To prepare you for college,” says the principal. “Everyone will be required to pick a major for high school. You can choose an option at on one of the desks located at the far wall.” He points. “You’ll even get a sample class. Oh, and one more thing. Beware the zombies.”


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