Good son: Michael (01)

From Create Your Own Story

You enter the classroom and sit down next to Maria.

The first lesson is with Mrs Parker. She is your 51 year old history teacher. She is very small, not even reaching you in size. What she lacks in size she has in her breasts. They are just gigantic and it´s unbelievable for such a small person to have tits that big. Her hair is grey and bound to a dutt. The clothes she wears is totally out of style and typical for a woman her age. The glasses she is wearing make her look strict, which in fact she is.

The second lesson is math with Mr Green. He is your 28 year old teacher. He is a tall, attractive guy with short brown hair. He is pretty muscular since he also is a gym teacher.

During both lessons you keep talking to Michael. Does nothing happen or do you get caught talking to him and have to stay after school?

good son: do not get caught and hang out with Michael in recess (01)

good son: Mrs Parker caught you talking

good son: Mr Green caught you talking

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