Go with him and hope the girls are found

From Create Your Own Story

You get into the police officer's car and ride with him. After you arrive at headquarters, the two of you walk inside.

"Please wait here a moment" he says and motions for you to sit on a nearby chair. He walks off and you are left alone for awhile.

About 40 minutes later he returns. "We found the two girls who match your description."

"Oh yea?" you ask. "did they confess?"

"No. They are crying and asking for their parents right now. With a little more pressure, I think they will crack. Can you come with me so we can get a positive ID on the girls?"

"Sure" you respond. The two of you walk into a room with a two way mirror. You saw a line of five girls, all of whom are crying and asking for their parents.

"Well" the officer asks. "Which two did this?"

Do you:

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