Go watch the news

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You decide to ignore that call for now and check the news.

The news anchor appears on screen. "This is Cindy Brothel" the woman starts.

"We have breaking news, tentacle monsters have been appearing in New York City. Several incidents in the past few hours alone, have been reported. A young girl riding her bike outside of her house was reportedly attacked by these tentacles. She was raped and dragged into the sewers."

"Three other similar reports of tentacle attacks involving young girls were also reported. All parents are advised to keep their daughters as far away from manholes and sewer entrances as possible. Stay with us for further updates."

The program cut to commercial.

"Woah" you thought to yourself. "I guess I better not drink that potion.. I might end up as a girl and get raped.. or a tentacle monster and rape some poor girl."

Do you:

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