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You decide Trump's daughter could wait. Your secretary, Keann, could probably handle any questions she had. Besides, it's been a while since you've spent some time with your family.

Your family consists of you, your wife, and your 5 children.

Your wife is a knockout blonde, with amazing D cup breasts. Her skin was flawless, her white skin seemingly without blemishes. She was a bit younger than you at 42, but still looked surprisingly young. She was from Ohio and had moved to Texas for work, like you. She had fallen for you the moment you'd met. However, it wasn't you she fell for, but your money. It was obvious, she barely tried to hide it. But you didn't care. She was nice to talk to and amazing in bed. And if you wanted to "stay late" at work, she didn't care.

Kayla and Luke are the oldest of your five children, both being 19 years old. Kayla is a beautiful blonde like her mother, also inheriting her nice, round tits. Not that you look at her like that, of course. Luke also had blonde hair, and was the perfect son. Athletic, good looking, and charismatic, he could have as many girls as he wanted. Twins. they are both incredibly outgoing, huge partyers and social butterflies. Neither really cared about politics, but supported Trump because all their friends did.

Next was Katie, who was 16 years old. A brunette, she was almost the exact opposite of her sister Kayla. She was a "nerd," preferring to play video games and watch Twitch steams than hanging out with actual people. She wasn't exactly gifted physically, with small, A cup breasts and glasses. However, she was the one of the nicest people you've ever met. However, she was also an avid liberal, and naturally a huge critic of Donald Trump. She had begged you to move North when war was looming, and then again begged you not to work for Trump. Since you took the job, you could sense a distance between the two of you.

Finally, Lucy and Dylan were the youngest, both 10 years old. Another pair of twins, they were much closer than Kayla and Luke. They were both extremely energetic, never able to sit still for long. Lucy had long blonde hair, while Luke took after me with his brown hair. Neither old enough to understand politics, let alone this war, they were both without a care in the world.

You also have a dog named Hunter. He's a German Shepard and is part guard dog, part friend to all children.

Driving over to your house, which was practically a mansion, you were greeted by your wife at the door.

Go in and greet your wife

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