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NOTE: Your Harem is largely trust based. Over the course of various quests and such, girls will be added, however, there is no memory system here, so it is impossible to hide those who you haven't earned, so they will show up. Know that any girl with an Astrix (*) by her name is one the must be earned. The girls usually have one, main trait that makes them unique. Each girl has a sheet next to their name so if you want information on them.

You walk into the Harem building, attached to the Castle. The main room has plush couches, a tub heated by coals, and a balcony outside. There are many adjoining rooms for each girl to have privacy. Right now they are all lounging in the main room.

You choose...

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Aeys -- Aeys Sheet

Rey -- Rey Sheet

Liz -- Liz Sheet

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