Go to the school bus

From Create Your Own Story

You enter the bus and three girls catch your eye:

There is Anna, your girl next door. She's got brown curly hair, a skinny, very sportive athletic figure, flat chest and a nice, trained ass. she's wearing a white croptop, blue hotpants and white sneakers. You've known her for many years and she's always been nice to you but you wouldn't call her a Friend.

There is Charlotte, a blonde, average looking girl who has C-Size Boobs and is wearing a blue skirt. She's very good at school and seems very intelligent and not very slutty.

There's also Salome, she's a lot younger than you and you assume that she just discovered her new Puberty- Feelings and Body. She has red-brown hair acute round face and the biggest boobs you have ever seen on a girl her age and size. You like the Idea that she might still be a virgin. She likes to dress slutty and today shes wearing a sport-hotpants and a very small, tight croptop.

You sit down

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