Go to the library.

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You decide to go to the school library, with several small reasons behind your choice. The library is a fantastically quiet area, with bookcases built stories high placed along every wall to block out any outside noise. This would allow you to relax, study, or have a conversation without disruption. What's more is that you actually need to check out a book from here - one that's contents are almost certain to be a key part of your next Philosophy essay.

But naturally, more than anything you're hoping to run into Kristen here. You know she shares Philosophy with you, meaning that she'll probably come here sometime sooner or later in order to pick up the book you both need.

You follow the numbered guides, heading to the second floor where the book you need is stocked. You soon find where the book is, not so stunned when you see only one remaining copy, worn and tattered on the forlorn shelf it rested on. You quietly curse your Philosophy professor...this is what happens when you demand all of your students to have hard copies of a single book!

You pluck the aged book off of the shelf, thinking it'll be fine as long as you're delicate with it. You turn around, before accidentally bumping into a figure behind you, the two of you stumbling back a bit.

"Oh, sorry!" you say, before noticing that the person behind you is actually Kristen, her long cat tail flicking back and forth nervously as she gazes into your eyes. You give yourself a mental facepalm as you realize that picking the last book off of the shelf left Kristen with absolutely nothing. Good job, you.

"You need this book too, right?" you ask her, holding out the last copy.

She nods softly, straightening herself a bit, still staying silent for now.

What should you do?

Stats & Affinity
Position Human Student Affinity:


Status Healthy
Location Library
Personality Neutral
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