Go to the beach showers

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You whisper into the blonde's ear that you should make your way to the beach showers. The blonde quickly mentions that her name is Janet as the two of you get back to your feet. You notice that the two hunks and the other blonde are staring at the two of you. Janet blushes furiously, but she quickly explains that she needs to wash the sand out of her hair. You say that you'll accompany her to the beach showers, and the two of you run off the volleyball court to the surprise of both the hunks and the other blonde.

Giggling furiously, you push Janet into the building containing the beach showers. The blonde looks at you tentatively, not sure where to go from here. You attempt to reassure the beautiful blonde, closing the already close gap between the two of you. Janet's breathing becomes shallow and slow, and her body tenses up when you slide your hand around her slender waste. Attempting to put the blonde at ease, you move your other hand up to her face, sliding your fingers through her hair. Slowly and surely, you bring her face towards yours and lock lips with her. Janet quickly melts in your arms, and she returns the kiss with force, giving in to her lustful feelings towards you. Knowing that you have the upper hand, you force the blonde up against the wall, pressing your body firmly against her.

Janet pushes back against you, returning the full-body embrace. The two of you stumble into one of the shower stalls, and your back hits the shower handle, opening the spout. Hot water begins to rain down on the two of you, and Janet's skin becomes slippery to the touch. The water causes both of your bikinis to cling tightly to your bodies, accentuating your breasts and the lines to your succulent little V. Even under the hot water, you can feel the heat coming from Janet's pussy, indicating how aroused the blonde has become. You continue your kiss under the falling water, sliding your hands up her slippery sides. Now incredibly aroused, you are ready to make the next move.

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

The Beach

MP 0
Level 1
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