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"I will meet the King", Robb said. "Would you inform Lady Sansa I'll be with her very soon?"

"Of course", Seaworth nodded. The group, now just Robb, Theon and the most important bannermen, arrived at the Red Keep. As they unmounted, stable boys took care of their horses. "Please follow me", the Hand of the King said.

They didn't go to the throne room, but to a big solar instead. Davos Seaworth went inside, announced the visitor, then asked Robb inside. King Stannis was seated at the end of a long table, dressed in grey, looking at him with an unreadable expression. He didn't wear fancy clothes or a crown, but his charisma made it clear he was the King. Robb was suddenly aware of how little impression he himself must have made on people. He was no King.

Besides him, there was a woman. Not his wife, clearly, Robb knew Selyse Florent was no beauty, but this woman was stunning. Flawless pale skin, piercing eyes, and red, flowing hair - not Sansa's soft auburn red, but dark, like burnished copper. She didn't hide her voluptuous body, her full breasts clearly defined under the red silk dress. The Red Woman that he had heard so much about.

"Lord Stark", Stannis said. Robb took a deep bow. "Your grace."

If that pleased the King, he didn't show it. He signaled Robb to take a seat, which he did.

"Let me first offer my condolences for your late father", the King began. "He was an honorable and just man."

"Thank you, your grace."

"I also wish to congratulate you to your victories over Tywin Lannister and his son. You showed remarkable strategic understanding and enabled my victory here at Blackwater."

"I am humbled by your words", Robb answered and lowered his head slightly. He took a short glance at the Red Woman, who seemed to be - amused? He couldn't quite interpret her sparkly eyes.

The King spoke again. "I have been told you are ready to renounce your crown and swear fealty to the Iron Throne again."

"I am, your grace."

"Very well. The ceremony shall be in a few days. Now there is just the matter of prisoners. Your sister, Lady Sansa, is of course free to return with you, as she has not committed any offence against the crown."

"Thank you, your grace." Robb started to feel silly, repeating the same words over and over again.

"You have captured Kevan and Jaime Lannister, important prisoners, who will of course be turned over to the crown. Of course, your actions shall not stay unrewarded. Cersei Lannister has committed personal offences against your family, and you may punish her as you see fit. I will turn her over to you. Are there any other prisoners of interest to you?"

Robb swallowed. Now he had to be careful to profit as much as possible without making his nefarious intentions obvious. "I have heard rumors you have captured the pretender Daenerys Targaryen." Stannis raised his eyebrows. "As you know, the Targaryens have perpetrated grave offences against my family. I would like for the girl to come to Winterfell."

Stannis' face went dark. "She's the last Targaryen, it would be wise to execute her. Can you guarantee she will not escape?"

"Of course", Robb nodded. She won't even be able to walk when I'm finished with her.

"I cannot say I approve of this. Yet loyalty must be rewarded, and I acknowledge the feud between your houses. Very well." Once again, Robb thanked the King. "Anything else?"

Now for the riskiest one. "Margaery Tyrell, your Grace."

Stannis' face didn't show his opinion on the matter. "What interest is the Tyrell girl to you?"

"I have considered marrying her, which would tie the Tyrells closer to the realm."

Stannis looked at him for a few moments, than nodded slowly. "Very well. I will not give you the girl in marriage, but as a prisoner for you to free afterwards. It is up to you to arrange a marriage or suffer the diplomatic consequences with Highgarden."

That went surprisingly well, Robb thought. "Thank you for your kindness, your Grace."

What do you do next?

Go to Sansa

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