Go to his cock

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You can't help going to him and staring at his cock. He still doesn't notice you as you stand directly in front of him and get a faceful of pre. You wipe they salty stuff into your mouth before licking his cock while watching for his reaction. His hands suddenly dart to the back of your head and pull you down his shaft in one forceful pull. The sudden penetration makes you scream and gag on his dick as he pulls you up and down in a blur. His eyes are still closed and you don't even know if he realizes what he is doing. The only thing you smell is the musky scent of his crotch as it fills your vision over and over again. You start masturbating as the taste of his manhood drive you crazy. You're a swimmer and you know how to hold your breathe, but your mind races with lust and panic as your lungs begin to burn. His balls slapping into you and the feral grunts of need as he fucks you mercilessly is all you can hear. Your entire world has been narrowed down to this strangers need to jizz. His hips get faster and faster, until you can't even tell when his massive dick is in your throat and when it isn't. You jack off furiously as his cock rams down your throat and you become light headed. The feeling is amazing as you let lose a torrent of thick cream all over the both of you. Black dots dance before your eyes as he forces your head all the way down his poll and unleashes his own ocean of jizz. You scream around his dick as it suddenly thickens beyond what you thought was possible and splits you open. Your belly swells as his cream fills you past the brim. You feel his cum force its way up your throat and past his cock to suddenly explode out of your nose and mouth. At this moment you can't hold back any longer and you inhale his jizz. You struggles start up again as his load fills your lungs, but you know it is hopeless. You're just glad you got to cum before going.

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