Go to a seedy part of town notorious for rape

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You're ovulating and know that most guys wouldn't want to take that chance, but you need someone to fuck you. If you get pregnant, that's a turn-on too.

You can go to the Blue Shell, where at least 4 women a day are raped by men. The men there are all rough and violent, and any woman who is raped is usually forced to breed. Just thinking about it soaks your panties.

There's also the Angry Dove, which is where upward of 6 women a day are raped by other women. One of your highschool friends moved there with her husband and got raped every day on her way to work by at least 3 women. She still does and her hubby doesn't even have a clue.

Or, if you're feeling aggressive, you could go to the Honey Badger, the part of town where no less than 5 men a day are raped by women. You watched a fit young street preacher get raped so hard he came on his own Bible.

Do you go to:

Health Horny & Hormonal Location:

Your Apartment

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