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"I would like to visit my sister first. Please deliver his Grace my gratefulness for his leniency. Sansa is very dear to me."

"Of course", Seaworth replied. The group, now just Robb, Theon and the most important bannermen, arrived at the Red Keep. As they unmounted, stable boys took care of their horses, and a young lady dropped a curtsy in front of Robb. "Please follow me, your G- milord."

She blushed and looked to the ground, but Robb just smiled encouragingly and signaled her to lead the way. She looked like a Northerner. "What's your name, girl?"

"Mira Forrester, milord", she answered.

Ah, the Forresters, Robb thought. A minor house from Ironrath, very loyal. He knew little about them. "Are you the girl with the wonderful singing voice?"

Mira blushed slightly. "I'm afraid not, milord, that would be my sister Talia."

Ah, shame, Robb thought, I love me a girl that can sing.

They arrived at an ornamented wooden door. Mira knocked, and finally, after so many months, Robb heard that lovely voice again, saying "Come in."

The Forrester girl opened the door and there she stood, sweet, beautiful, poor Sansa. She had become even prettier, her auburn hair bright and shining, in an elaborate hairdo with braids hanging down to her chest. Her breasts were clearly defined now, small, but round bags of flesh under her golden dress, a deep neckline revealing the soft shadow between them. Stunned, Robb couldn't help but feel slightly aroused. Yet there was also sadness in her bright blue eyes, a deep sadness that gave her the haunting beauty that the famous Ashara Dayne must have had.

Before Robb could even take one step into the room, the girl flew towards him. "Robb!", she cried, and then her arms were around him, her head on his chest, her body pressed against his. She was crying, and Robb fought hard to hold back the tears himself. Finally I have you back, my princess.

Mira left them alone and Robb managed to carry his weeping sister inside the room, closing the door behind them. Then they just stood there for minutes, Robb kissing her head, her nose, her cheeks, and Sansa just crying a never-ending stream of tears. Robb only broke the hug for a short moment to get rid of his chestplate, then pulled her close again. "I've missed you so much, Robb", she cried.

"And I you, my sweet Sansa", he whispered, burying his face in her hair.

After another two minutes, Sansa's tears ebbed away and she sniffed, smiling at her brother, for a moment with all that happiness on her face she had had as a little girl. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead again. "Sansa", he said, "I have to visit the King now. But I promise I will get right back afterwards."

She nodded happily. "Of course."

What does Robb do?

Go to the King


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