Go to Mr. Edwards home

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Stevens went back to Mr. Edwards house. He now felt that he might have angrier the black janitor. He walk threw the brown door to the janitor house. Mr. Edwards was sitting down in his rocking chair with a grey silver robes on "Hey bae what going on. Want a sit on papa lap. Come on tell what going on with you." Steven walk on into Mr. Edwards home. "Sit down on my lap sweet heart. NOW!" Mr. Edwards said now with such force. Steven walk towards Mr. Edwards and shut the door behind him. He got two feet from Edwards then Edwards pull him down to him. Steven struggle under Edwards muscular arms. Mr. Edwards then rip Steven pants and underwear off of him, and gave him a very hard spanking to his petite booty. He whisper to Steven "Your mine now Steven you dirty freaking whore." Mr. Edwards started to tug on Steven penis. Steven 3 inch micro penis was as hard as it's gets. Mr. Edwards said to Steven "Want me to make you cum. Just let me know or you might don't ever cum again. So you want me to force you to cum." Steven felt Mr. Edwards cock twitch.

Don't beg

Beg to cum

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