Go to Dinner

From Create Your Own Story

Arriving at the dinner table, you see Lucy and Dylan have already started and Kayla is just sitting down.

"Hey Dad," your oldest daughter greets, grabbing some ham.

"Hey Kayla," you reply, "When did you get home?"

"Couple of minute ago," she says cheerfully, "I would of gotten here sooner, but Molly wanted to talk to this guy, even though I told her he was a jerk, but like always she didn't believe me, and you wouldn't believe how much this guy sucked, he was..."

"Enough Kayla," your wife chuckles, "By the way, Luke is eating by the pool with his friends. I think they ordered pizza or something."

You were a bit annoyed with Luke, but didn't feel like starting anything. So you just nodded in agreement, taking some ham and corn and filling your plate. Just as everyone started eating, Katie arrived, mumbling an apology and sitting down. Piper looked angry, but didn't say anything.

"Try not to be late to dinner," you warned, knowing she wouldn't listen.

"Yeah, sorry Dad," she said, grabbing her dinner, "I lost track of time. I was installing a new processer for my desktop. I think I can like double my download speeds!"

"If only you could talk to boys like you talk to computers," Kayla joked, taking another blush. Your wife said nothing, but you knew she agreed. Katie, meanwhile, looked down at her plate, feeling stupid.

What do you do?

Agree with Kayla

Defend Katie

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