Go out to lend your help

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I decide to go out and help them bring stuff inside.

Stevee is wearing black tights, you can see the outline of her G-string underneath. She has a tank top on that sits quite low.

As I come closer I am greeted by Steeve's boyfriend with a handshake.

Stevee walks over to me 'Thanks so much for agreeing for us to move in Blake'

'No problem, glad to have you here' I say. She then reaches out to hug me, I reach out for her to embrace.

The second I look down and see her cleavage blood starts rushing to my dick. As we begin to hug I try my hardest to keep my lower body off her so doesn't feel my hard dick

She notices that I am being weird straight away. She looks up at me, gives me a weird look as if to say WTF are you doing. She then grabs me by the waste and pulls me into her. My hard dick bumping straight into her belly.

We embrace for a few seconds, the entire time I can feel her staring at my face but I am too embarrassed to meet her eyes. There is zero chance she hasn't felt my erection on her.'Uhhh, Blake' She whispers too me

This is it, my life's over, I'm fucked. I look down at her beautiful face and whisper 'Stevee I'm so sorry' She smiles at me and says 'you forgot to kiss me hello'. My heart skips a beat, she either didn't feel it or she likes it. Which one is it though, I pray that she felt it now.

Do you:

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