Go out and buy yourself transportation

From Create Your Own Story

I take the elevator down to the lobby and ask the blonde receptionist, Charniece, where I can find the nearest dealership. I am in desperate need of a car. I've been walking everywhere for the past three months since I broke it off with Trent. Well, not officially broke it off, it was more like I high-tailed it out of there the first chance I got.

Luckily, Charniece tells me there is one just a few blocks down the road,"Mc'Chanic Boys". It is a family owned business of mechanics who find used cars and fix them up. She tells me that they aren't the best cars but they range in price from $1500 to $7,000.

With only $5000 to my name, I really can't be picky. I tell her, "Thank you," and head out the front door.

As I step outside, I am thankful for the 75 degree weather, even though it is almost the end of September.

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