Go move your stuff into Becky's room

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It's a shame that you won't be staying in your room, but you've got to get your shit out of your room before Alex and Aileen show up. While you go through your drawers, you can't help but think about Aileen. You've only seen her once, but you couldn't forget her if you tried. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has the thickest thighs and ass to match. You tell yourself that you would never do anything with a taken woman, but you know that if you get the chance, you'd plow her into next week. Anyway, back to the task at hand; once you got all of the clothes that you thought you'd need and your pillow, you were ready to head down the hall to Becky's room. When you reached Becky's door, you noticed that it was cracked open just a little bit. Becky always keeps her door tightly shut, so you figure she's not in her room and you open the door.


"OH MY GOD! MIKE!" Becky screams. She tries her best to cover up her completely naked body, but not before you see absolutely everything. She must have been jilling off, as there was a slight musk in the air. You drop all of your stuff, and cover your eyes, mostly for show of course.

"OH JESUS I'M SO SORRY! I SWEAR I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!" you leave the room and stand just outside of her door.

"You are unbelievable! You can't knock?"

"I'm sorry! Your door was open," you hastily try to defend yourself. Becky comes out of her door, fully dressed now.

"This is why I love college, no little brothers coming into your room to peep on you masturbating."

"Oh come on, you know I wasn't watching you."

"Yeah I know. I was just teasing ya," she smiles and heads back into her room. "So I guess you're staying in my room, then?"

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the air mattress," you say as you pick up your things. You go over and put them in the far corner of the room. When you turn around, you notice that Becky quickly turns and attempts to look busy. Wait, was Becky checking you out? You think that you are good looking, but no so much that your goddamn sister would be looking at you in that way. Whatever, it's probably just in your head.

Go find mom to get the air mattress

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