Go home with him(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to take a chance and go with him. You chit chat a little bit and and he asks how long you been cross dressing. You tell him a while. He says he could barely tell, it was your walk that gave it away. He asks if you've ever been with a man, you lie and say no. You get to his house pretty quick, you pull into his driveway and walk in. He asks if you want a drink, you say yes. He come back with some Gin and coke. You sit on the couch and sip your drinks.

After the first drink, he gets up and makes another. But when he sits down, another man walks in the room. A big black man, he walks passed you and say hello on his way to the bar. He get his drink and sits next to you on the other couch. He says.his.name is Trey.

Tyrese stands up, drops his pants and tells you to suck their dicks. You get on your knees. Trey stands up and drops his pants too. You have two huge black cocks hanging in front of you, their just waiting to be sucked.

What do you do?

Suck both dicks(SLBC)

Try to run away(SLBC)

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