Go downstairs.

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You go downstairs to the main room, where you see your mother preparing breakfast. You notice that she's preparing waffles, something that you've only had as a treat before.

"Hey, honey! I decided to make something special for you today, since you're becoming a Pokemon trainer!" greets your mother cheerfully.

You say hello back, but you can't help but look at her generous figure. With size C breasts and wide hips, she turns heads, even here in small Pallet Town. Daydreaming about your mother's physique made you realize that you have an erection, so you snap out of it and sit down.

"Breakfast's ready!" she announces, and you get a view of her plump butt as she bends down. You can't help but fantasize about your cock between her butt cheeks, going up and down... until you climax all over her ass and back..."Shit, my erection's getting worse!"

"Azure? Are you okay?"

You jump up, and you cross your legs to hide the bulge in your pants. The waffles are now on the table.

"Y-ya... I'm just a bit nervous," you stammer.

Your mom smiles, "Don't worry! All kids leave home someday. It said so on TV!"

You doubt the credibility of that, but you ignore it and wolf down the waffles. They taste amazing.

After you've finished, Mom said that Professor Oak was looking for you. You could go outside now and get your first Pokemon, or you could masturbate upstairs, and then come down. Calming your erection may make you late, but could have you making better decisions in the future.

So, what's your choice?

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