Go back and find the Police Officer

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to play it safe and go find the police officer. It takes you about ten minutes to find. "Officer, there is a man being mugged in the park" you say. The two of you immediately return to the mugging scene.

By this time the two gang-bangers are long gone and the old man is left in a pool of blood. The officer asks you to stay put for the time being while he calls for backup. You notice that the old man is not breathing, and is probably dead at this point.

Next to the old man there is a bag with an unopened bottle inside of it. "Probably liquor" you think. While the officer's back is turned, you grab the bag and bottle and put them in your backpack "Might as well get something out of this mess".

A few minutes later emergency vehicles arrive on the scene. The original police officer approaches you. "Did you see the men who did this?" he asks.

Do you:

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