Give up and fall limp

From Create Your Own Story

You decide that there's no point in struggling, and you let yourself fall limp. The monster gets dragged down with you, and you both lay sprawled out in the doorway of the bathroom. The monster sinks it's teeth into your thigh, and you cringe in pain. The man screams in horror, and tries to get on top of the machines. All of a sudden, the hallway door bursts open, and men in black fatigues and combat gear in gasmasks step in. They raise their carbines, and fire one shot into the man's head. They then fire at the monster on top of you, and the monster falls limp, and black goo and shards of bone ooze onto you, but you don't have time to be disgusted, because you are then shot in the head as well.

Your Undead Survival score 412

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