Give in to your urges(LeroySLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

As soon as you're through the door, reason goes out of the window and you soon have him pushed over the kitchen table is shirt and sweatpants removed, in the back of your mind you had hoped that up close his lingerie clad ass would look less appealing, but he's shaved his legs and ass smooth and with his small frame and bubble but as turned your twitching cock into a raging erection, harder than you have been in years, wasting no time you unclip your coveralls and let them slide to your ankles.

Once your naked you slide your legs in between his spreading them wide, the only thing between you and your target now is the lingerie he's wearing.

"Do you want to slide them to one side for me or shall I rip them off?" You ask him slapping his ass with your cock.

"Oh no please don't do this, this is rape, you can't do it." He pleads the fear in his voice quite noticeable.

"Well when you call the cops to report it, I'm sure you will be able to explain to them why you shaved yourself smooth, slipped on some lingerie, and then went over to talk to your black neighbour, not out in the yard where he was working but in his house at your insistence of course."

You pause and wait for your words to sink in as his hand slides back and pulls the panties to one side revealing the fact even his asshole is shaved smooth, you spit on it a few times getting a good amount of saliva on it before pushing at it with your cock. His asshole resists your attempts to penetrate it but you do not relinquish your position pushing gently but firmly knowing eventually it will. Your persistence is finally reward as is asshole, unable to resist any longer, finally opens and your cock slips inside a few inches his cries and protests are lost on you, as you savour the warm feeling enveloping your cock, a feeling you haven't felt in a long time, with a little more spit you decide to waste no time ramming your cock inside of his ass his pain not your concern all you need to do is feel the warmth and friction around your cock until you get the release your craving.

The tightness of his ass, and your long hiatus from sex, has you cumming in no time at all, and with a loud grunt you unleash your cum deep into his ass. You lay on top of him for a few minutes before withdrawing your cock from his ass.

"I'm going to shower now, I suggest you go do the same."

You say to him before leaving him, you've barely reached the stairs when you hear the kitchen door slam shut, you head upstairs and take a long shower preparing yourself for any consequences.

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