Give in to him(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

You are overwhelmed with a feeling of fear, his hard cock is huge as you stare at it and you know he as you exactly where he wants you, you've nowhere to run to even if you could in the heels you're wearing and fighting him seems impossible as he as already out muscled you, your only option seems to be to get this over with as quickly as possible.

"Okay Tyrone, let me lock up first and then we can go to my room."

You lock the kitchen door and pull the blinds down as you turn towards him he hands you a cheap looking blonde wig.

"Put this on."

You quickly slip it on and go through to lock the front of the house up as you pass him he follows on close behind.

"I'll think I'll call you Jenna from now on, I always had a thing for her but you look so much alike you may as well be her."

The use of your wife's name shocks you and you are unsure how to answer him so continue to lock up before heading upstairs.

Once through the bedroom door he?

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