Give in and enjoy it

From Create Your Own Story

You give in.

Tyrese's hands are on your hips and he is slowly sliding the first couple inches in right now, slowing stretching you out. He must be preparing your ass so you can take it all in. So you relax your anus and allow him to go deeper. Treys hands are on the back of your head, he is slowly pumping his massive cock in and out of your mouth. You're bent over a foot stool now. So you reach up and begin to play with Trey's big ball sack. He pushes deep in to your throat, pressing against your tonsils. Tyrese begins to push deeper inside you. You release Trey's balls and with both hands you reach back and spread your ass cheeks. Tyrese releases your hips and grabs your shoulders. He pushes in real slow stretching you out. It hurts as he pushes in, you have never had a dick this big inside you. Trey continues rocking his in and out of your mouth. Tyrese slowly pulls out and slides back in. You can feel him gripping hard on your shoulders as he pulls you toward him. He slides in again slower this time, then you feel his balls press firmly against you. He is in all the way now, you think to yourself.

"So, you ready to get your ass pounded?" Tyrese says. "Or do you want it nice and slow."

Beg for a pounding

Ask for a slow fuck

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