Gilly helps the Night's Watch

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Gilly shivered as Little Sam suckled from her breasts. While her captors may keep her in terrible conditions, at least they fed her well, enough to keep her baby healthy. The same couldn't be said of her cell mate, Maud. An older woman, she was given the minimum to survive, and was constantly being "rented out" by one of the Black Brothers. She was also a wet nurse for Little Sam, to be used when Gilly was "occupied."

There had been a plan. Sam and Gilly were supposed to have traveled to Oldtown, where Sam would train to be a maester. However, Jon had wanted Sam here to oversee the wildling migration south of the Wall, so that plan had been put on hold. Poor Jon, murdered by his own brothers, just for caring about the wildlings. Allister had burned his body the next day, and taken control of the watch.

Sam had still been sent to Oldtown, but Thorne wouldn't let Gilly join him. She was a wildling, and so shared their fate. All the men had been killed, excluding some of the children and some of their doctors. The women suffered a much worse fate, becoming the playthings of the Watch. A few hundred were given to the various Lords of the North in exchange for resources, slavery now legal under the Boltons. Most were subject to daily rape by the Black Brothers. When they weren't being used, they were left to freeze in the Ice Cells. Some wildlings put up a fight, but Gilly couldn't afford to resist. As long as she complied, her baby would be allowed to live.

Gilly's eyes widened in fear as she heard the door to her cell open. It was Olly, a torch in his left hand. The warmth of the fire felt so good it hurt, heat being so uncommon in the life of the wildlings.

"Thorne wants to see you," Olly ordered, looking right at Gilly. Thorne enjoyed raping poor Gilly, perhaps due to his hatred of Sam. Whatever the reason, Gilly knew better than to delay. She handed her child to Maud, the older woman taking the baby wordlessly. Following Olly out of the cell, Gilly prayed to the Old Gods for her child's safety.

Gilly was so caught up in her prayers, she didn't realize they were going the wrong way. Instead of leading her to Throne's quarters, Olly was leading her to the barracks. When Gilly finally realized where she was, it was too late, and she was being forced through the door by Olly.

Stumbling inside the barracks, Gilly was met with her worst nightmare. 10 or 20 brothers of the Night's Watch were in the cramped living quarters, and all had their cocks out. A handful of other wildling women were already there, and each was being fucked by at least two men.

"No, no, you don't understand," Gilly pleaded, trying to back out of the room. "Th-Th-Th-Thorne s-said..." She backed into Olly, who reached around and roughly squeezed her breasts.

"Thorne let me have you for the night," the boy whispered into her ear, "So I can share you with whoever I want." Gilly tried to think of a response, anything to get her out of this room, but it was no use. Olly shoved her into the crowd of horny men, and she knew it was over. One brother, whose name Gilly didn't know, pulled her onto his lap, impaling her unwilling pussy on his cock. Another brother, walking up behind her, lifted her dress and shoved his cock in her ass.


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