Giftedwoman: At the all-girls school

From Create Your Own Story

Everyone goes quiet as you step into the classroom in your six-inch stilletto heels. Your huge horny dick throbs pressed against your abs by your tight gray dress, the short dress riding up just high enough to bare a bit of your gorgeous womanly ass and the big, swinging balls between your legs.

You walk up to the teacher, towering over the intimidated litle slut and thrusting out your massive, swaying tits. "I need to do a student inspection. Call up one of your little sluts... I mean, one of your pupils so I can examine her academic aptitude." You arch your eyebrows as the stammering bitch points to one of the little sluts, who nervously walks up to you. "what is your name, bitch, I mean, dear." you ask sweetly. "umm, Amanda, Mistress." "And have you ever taken a test?" "Y-yes mistress." "Come with me." You lead her out of the room. Where do you take her?

The teachers bathroom. It is private, and no one will bother you.

Your office. If anyone intrudes you can have an orgy

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