Get out before he wakes up(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You get out of bed slowly and quickly find your outfit you put it on quickly then get the hell out. You manage to make it home and to your room while your mom was in the kitchen and you quickly change and jump into the shower, your body is not in as bad a shape as you first thought it would be, you were either too drunk to object or, the thought sends you cold, very willing. You also notice how smooth your skin is and there's not a single hair on your body, other than the top of your head.

After your shower you get into bed and sleep for a few hours until you hear your mom yelling.

"Are you staying in bed all day? Steven."

"I'm not in bed mom, I'm studying." You lie to her.

You drag yourself out of bed and fire up your laptop, in case she comes in you're just about to go back to bed when your mail icon flashes.

Do you?

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