Get it up against the wall

From Create Your Own Story

With strong hands Mark pulls you to the wall, turning you away from him, he gives your feet a soft nudge and makes you spread your legs a little.

Stroking his dick Mark kisses the back of your neck speaking your name with lust behind each letter. Your pussy heats up, its juices start flowing, you want to reach down and toy with your clit but he holds your hands against the wall with one hand. Sliding your panties away from your slit, he rubs the beautiful lips with the tip of his cock. You whimper at the sheer warmth of it, your heart speeding up like a sports car. You look over your shoulder, moaning as he presses his cock an inch inside of you. Reaching back you hold his ribs pushing him deeper into your pussy.

Quivering, you moan "Oh Mark". The soldier pistons forward, his flesh smacking against your firm ass. He groans as you tense your muscles, working his dick like a vice. Rearing back Mark pushes his whole weight against you, all seven inches of his rigid cock slide to a halt inside of your pussy. You gasp as he holds it there, straining his hips, you feel the tip of his dick wiggling past your limits.

Reaching in front of you, Mark's finger finds your sensitive clit. He gently rolls the tip of his finger across it, making your legs quiver in excitement. Somehow he manages to keep the circular motion up while sliding in and out of your hole, his breath heavy in your ear as he fills you again and again.

Your nipples are hard as your breasts are shoved up and down the wall in time with Mark's powerful thrusts. You roll your ass and hips, making his dick jump inside you with each motion. The both of you moan, you feel his thick mane of dark pubic hair tickle the cheeks of your ass. He moans your name. thrusting faster as he rubs your clit harder. Your body shivers, sweat pouring off both you, as your pussy leaks juices down your leg.


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