Get in the van(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

The thought of two hundred and fifty dollars and a better party to go too make up your mind and you jump on into the van.

"Let’s go, my name is Steven by the way," You tell him.

"Hi, I'm Leroy, my friends call me Roy, we can't be calling you Steven all night so why don't we just stick with Lara, what do you say?"

"For a chance to win two hundred and fifty bucks, Roy, you can call me what you like."

He laughs loud and hard, the journey too his place doesn't take long and you're soon in his rec' room.

"I'm going for a shower." He points over to the bar area. "Help yourself to a drink, and pour me bourbon while you're at it."

He leaves the room as you walk over to the bar. There are an array of spirits, beer and sodas' on display, you pour some bourbon into a glass for Roy, now what about you.

Do you?

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