Get a flashlight and go adventuring!

From Create Your Own Story

Yup, you are still a little bit waisted... "Where the hell is that flashlight?" you wonder.

After an hour of rummaging in closets, drawers, and dressers, you return victoriously with a flashlight! Time to check this out!

It's dark (duh) and the light you have is not illuminating much more than the dirt floor at the bottom of the hatchway. You proceed uneasily down into the dust. Although dark you sense openness around you, "This is a wide passageway," you mutter in a low voice. OK, you move forward half steps at a time, your fear of this is fading fast. It's not so bad, a little dusty and damp but your eyes have adjusted and you can see that the distant right wall of the passageway is actually the foundation of your house. Reasuring. Not a foreign place. "The kitchen and pantry are just above me, well two stories above me, above me and the basement in my house, been here 15 years..." you say in an even smaller voice.

You reach the end of the passageway and realize that the ground is no longer dirt. You are standing on a square set of stones about six feet by six feet across. You bend to inspect the hard ground. "Boy, this is a young man's thing," you think as your knees wobble and you steady yourself by placing one arm down. "Hmmmmm..."

The stones are warm.

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