Get Down There

From Create Your Own Story

"You just gonna keep fondling it or are you gonna start sucking."

You look up at him with a clearly shocked look on your face.

"There are so many people here!"

"The nearest guy is like three rows ahead of us. Look I'll just put in my headphones so it'll look like I'm just listening to music if anyone looks back. You need to get down on the floor so no one will see you though."

"I don't know."

"Come on, I've seen you checking me out in the locker room. Besides, if you do this I'll suck you off in the showers."


You smile and get down on your knees in front of him. As you pull down his zipper, you notice his pubes and realize that he went commando today. You finally get to see his cock spring up as you finished unzipping his pants. His musk overwhelms you and your cock rises to attention as you wraps your hands around his huge dick. You slowly lick up the base of the shaft to wrap your lips around his swollen cockhead. As you taste his salty manhood, you look up to see his head leaning back with his eyes closed. Suddenly his hands grab the back of your head and starts to force his cock down your throat. You grab his thighs to steady yourself as you slowly choke down his meat. You moan around him as he pulls out of your throat and then forces himself down again rapidly. You gag and choke as he starts to thrust faster and harder, burying your nose in his crotch and then bringing him nearly all the way off his cock. He soons starts to moan and he forces your head up and down so quickly that the back of your head thumps against the back of the seat behind you so loudly that you're surprised no one has noticed. His grip tightens on your head and he forces you into his crotch so hard that you feel like he almost broke your nose. You try to push away but he holds your head down as his cock pulses down your throat. His dick fills you up so much that you can feel his cum pulsing out of his cock directly into your stomach. Your hard as a rock and the fact that you can't breathe is not helping. He finally lets you up and you gasp and cough violently. Colin quickly stuffs his saliva covered dick back into his pants and looks at you worriedly.

"Sorry, I got a little carried away."

"It's fine" you say as you feel his jizz in your belly when you get up.

"I'll make it up to after practice, I promise."

As your stop arrives you begin to worry jf anyone noticed.

No one noticed

The bus driver stops you

The bus driver stops you both

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