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This CYOS is inspired by (in parts) Lord of the Rings, The Elder Scrolls, the Soulsborne series, and numerous other fantasy series. May also incorporate aspects of steampunk and other genres at some point. If you'd like to edit or add in something, read the editing rules at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

You awake in a tiny cell. You are sitting on a disheveled pile of hay with an animal pelt draped over it to make an impromptu, rather uncomfortable bed. Cobblestone walls are to either side of you, within arms reach on both sides. Against your back is another wall, with a barred window. Looking out it you can see dense jungle sprawling for miles, caged in by impossibly-tall snow-capped mountains. In front of you is a cell door. Draped on the wall to your right is a dirty mirror. You peer into it and see...

A man, hair long and tangled.

An elf, cheekbones high and ears pointed.

A cat-folk, fur tousled and eyes feline.

Name Name Equipment:


Health 100%
Position Position

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