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 Hello Everyone! This Story will be my first, but I will try my best to put all my ideas in. Those can become quite... extreme sometimes. So if you are not into it, please stop here.
 Here you will find a list of what i plan to contain in this story:
- Futanari
- Underage
- Watersports
- Bestiality
- Crossdressing
- Latex
- Public Humilation
- Incest

Hope you will enjoy it! 

In the last time your little 12 year old body has developed quite few needs you didn't know about before... One day you saw your Mom naked in bath and got definetely aroused by it... Lately to satisfy your needs you started to play with yourself. Right now you are sitting in front of your PC, browsing some websites you are not supposed to visit... As you look at the pictures:

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